“We recognize that through the years, gender inequity has assumed many different forms, and we realize the extent to which issues of gender inequalitiy either have or have not been addressed (Gamble, 2003)(p.5).”

What is it with girls posting everything about their recent pregnancies on Facebook? On one hand, you have the gender expectations that girls should want and should reproduce. On the other hand, society’s taught us that us girls should be “pure” and get married before they have sex–or a baby, for that matter. If she’s young and unwed, does that make her a “slut” or a “whore”? It seems to. But why does that slut and whore factor fall on girls? What about the responsibility of the guy involved? He should know how to wrap it up. There are so many double standards when it comes to gender communication between men and women.

These double standards also correlate with the differences between the stereotypes of men and women. Women are traditionally the vulnerable, child rearing compliment to men, and they must listen to the man because he is superior. Men, after all, are the ones who have to go out and bring home the bacon (Gamble, 2003). It’s so easy to call a girl a whore based on their actions or the way they dress at a party, but call a man the male equivalent? Then, it’s okay. Don’t worry, he just had sex with 20 girls last month, no worries. The introduction to the texts tells us that we need to ask ourselves what we see in our gendered lives–here’s mine: I see my gendered life as one day leaving behind double standards. Then again, we don’t live in a Walgreens commercial.

Gamble, T. K., & Gamble, M. W. (2003). The Gender Communication Connection. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co.


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