“Since women and men are, for all practical purposes, alike and equal in all important aspects, men and women should be treated in a gender neutral manner (Gamble, 2003)(p.404).”

All semester, I’ve been taking a government class in which a girl, presumably a freshman, sits near me. A couple weeks ago, I overheard her talking to her neighbor. I was completely disgusted when I heard her say, “All I wanna do when I get older is stay at home and make babies!” In my head, all I thought was, “Well, go do it. Why are you wasting your time getting an education if you’re not really going to use it?”. Since then, she’s annoyed me. It might be the feminist in me or it could be that I think she’s old fashioned and dumb. Actually, it’s both.

I think I find it most odd that she made this remark because we aren’t living in the 1960s anymore–this isn’t Mad Men; women don’t need to get secretarial jobs just to find a husband. More importantly, I definitely don’t think that it should be a woman’s goal in life to “stay at home and make babies”. It’s very sexist of her and I think that she’s playing into society’s older gender expectations of women. I consider myself a liberal feminist; I’m a woman who thinks that men and women are, and should be treated, equal (Gamble, 2003). I don’t believe that the primary reasons for women are to reproduce and raise children–that’s a positively prehistoric thought. I also think that relationships and families work best when the responsibilities are shared by both man and woman (or man and man, woman and woman). Therefore, I do not think that women should just sit at home and make babies. Men should have a hand in it too, just like women should help bring money into the home so that both parties are contributors to the home life. This applies to all kinds of couples, not just heterosexual couples.

Gamble, T. K., & Gamble, M. W. (2003). The Gender Communication Connection. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co.


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